Portrait of Constantin Seuss

About Me

After I graduated in school I spent a year volunteering in a climbing gym to coach kids, youth and handicap groups.

What started as the idea of promoting the gym with a camera and content for social media, eventually turned into passion and profession at the same time.

I worked for several companies, gained experience and expertise in different niches over the past 4 years and started studying design to strengthen my knowledge about the industry. Now I am a German based freelance photo- and videographer with specialization in outdoor, lifestyle and travel.

It just fulfills me with joy to capture authentic and emotional outdoor explorations all around the world and to share my expertise in social media and content creation as a service for others.

Besides my work as a photographer I have passion for outdoor sports, such as skiing, rock climbing, hiking and mountaineering. I love spending time reading, drinking coffee and meeting new people.

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